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We offer three different monthly plans outlined below that are guaranteed to increase your lead traffic. All of them come with a 7-day free trial. If you're ready to sign up, we invite you to visit our Plans & Pricing page.

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Everything starts with a great foundation

We offer one foundational automation service to all of our customers. It's available 24/7, but it can also run a few hours a day. It all depends on what you and your business needs are. 

What we do know is that it will increase your Profinder lead traffic and revenue by at least 50% in your first month.

It includes:

- Start/Stop or Scheduling Option

- Proposal Editing

- Basic Reports

While we do include some basic reports about lead traffic and proposals sent, we've seen that most of our clients prefer to focus on their businesses and leave the optimization up to us. If you are interested in detailed reports and analysis we offer this with our reporting package.

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Committed to Saving You Time

What many of our clients have seen is not too few prospects, but too many - which creates a need to determine which leads are worth pursuing. Our Professional package includes all of the features that are in our standard offering, but with the added benefit of advanced reporting and analytics.

Curious about your overall response rate from leads and if a specific lead type might sign up with you at a higher rate - or faster - than others? The Professional package is for you.

With our advanced reporting and analytics tools you will be able to slice and dice your data however you see fit - with the end goal of generating more revenue while also saving you time.

In addition, our Lead Type Selection Tool included with the Professional package allows you to choose which Profinder leads you'd like to pursue based on one or multiple criteria including seniority level, job title, and job function.

We're on a mission to help our clients avoid spending time on "tire kicker" prospects that aren't planning on purchasing services so they can focus on the pursuing and closing the highest quality leads possible.



Leveraging the Power of Machine Learning

Our Premier package includes all of the technology and features that are in the Standard and Professional packages and combines them with a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence engine that we call our AI Wizard.

If you're not sure which lead types you should or shouldn't pursue or you're just too busy to think about it, our AI Wizard included with the Premier package can do the work for you.


The AI Wizard automatically detects what client types are your best matches and develops a strategy for you automatically that will optimize your close rates and revenue - and the best part is that it is constantly learning and making adjustments as it take in more new data with each prospect that contacts you, and each one that becomes a client. Schedule a call with us and we'll be happy to walk you through a demo and all the details.

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